What is fundMyLife?

Hello visitors of fundMyLife, and welcome to our blog!

I’m Jackie, one of the co-founders of fundMyLife, together with my other two co-founders Wesley and Matthew.

This is our first blog post, and to be honest I spent quite a bit thinking of what write. After all, what we write here sets the tone for fundMyLife’s journey ahead. No pressure, I would tell myself as I hyperventilate a bit.

When we started fundMyLife, we wanted to solve two very simple problems. Firstly, to give our users a platform to ask financial planning questions. Google might have all the answers, but they will never know you as a person with unique hopes and dreams (cheesy as it may sound). Secondly, we want to empower users and remove uncertainty in engaging financial consultants.

If users can use:

  1. Uber to order a car and know that their drivers are good,
  2. AirBnB to book accommodation and know that the house is comfortable,
  3. Yelp to find restaurants and know that the food is great

Why can’t users have something to receive financial planning advice and know that the advice is fantastic? It is with this goal in mind that we work, and we look forward to empowering users to make sound financial planning decisions confidently.