When Shit Happens: A Collection of Personal Accident Stories Part II

Personal accident stories part II

The world can be a scary place, as illustrated by our article on personal accidents stories. After sharing that article, members of the Facebook group Insurance Discussion SG chimed in to share both their own and/or their clients’ experiences with personal accident. We thought it’d be a good opportunity to compile another set to inform and educate readers out there. As such, in this article fundMyLife presents the second set of personal accident stories shared  in the Facebook group (without any personal details of course), with an additional educational twist.

Personal accident stories, part II

 #1 Motorcycling accident

One commenter recounted how he encouraged his client to purchase a personal accident plan since he commuted daily using a motorcycle. Soon after, the client experienced an accident. While the client was okay, he subsequently went for TCM treatment. Fortunately, his personal accident plan covered the TCM treatment.

While this story seems very common, it highlights two important things. Firstly, it’s important to get personal accident coverage when commuting using vehicles with relatively higher risks of injury. Secondly, timing is important, especially if the activity is done frequently, i.e. daily riding.

#2 Fowl play

One of the commenters shared was about she cracked her teeth biting into boneless chicken rice, or what was she thought. While dental claims are usually limited to incidences like car accident, she successfully claimed the full amount for the dental treatment…since it’s an accident.

What to do when eating boneless foods

We don’t think there’s much to caution when consuming boneless food, except to do an exploratory nibble before going for a chomp. Fun fact: if you’re feeling paranoid, there is such a thing as dental accident insurance. Not only does it cover accidents, it also covers routine preventive work such as scaling and polishing to encourage dental care. General insurance companies like Chubb and MSIG offer them.

#3 Canine trouble

In two separate but similar accounts, two members of the group recounted how their clients experienced injuries due to dog bites. One incident involved a client experience a bite from a dog which just recently given birth. Another incident involved a house visit to someone with a dog – the owners assured the person that the dog was harmless, which did not turn out to be the case when the person was bitten soon after.

What to do when encountering dogs that might bite

Angry dog
This is the look of a dog that might bite you – drooped ears and bared teeth.

While dogs are friendly, it is nonetheless important to be careful and recognize the warning signs. Firstly, avoid prolonged eye contact. You’re scared, but you cannot make eye contact because the dog will lunge at you. After removing eye contact, slowly move away and pretend to ignore the dog. After you’re a safe distance away from the dog, walk away real fast. Good luck.

#4 Raw meal to real deal

From the book of the same name, the author shared what happened after her husband of 20 years lost his hearing after consuming raw fish contaminated with Group B Streptococcus (GBS) bacteria. She successfully claimed against his company’s group personal accident plan and the family’s own personal accident plan, after much difficulty. On a related note, another individual affected by the GBS incident lost all of his four limbs.

What to do if you love raw fish

After the GBS incident, the Ministry of Health placed a ban on all raw fish sales from open stalls. You can still eat them from restaurants as restaurants generally follow strict hygiene rules for food preparation and kitchen cleanliness.

#5 Nailing it

Inspired by video games of the same genre, escape room games are games where you solve puzzles and riddles present in a room in order to escape it under a time limit. It takes wit, teamwork, and creativity to escape the rooms, but it’s a lot of fun when you solve them.

One commenter recounted how he lost his pinky toe nail in one of those Escape Room games, where he had to climb into a coffin for clues. Unfortunately, in his climb his nail was left behind inside. Fortunately, after clarifying with the insurance company, his insurance covered all treatment expenses. Escape Rooms can be surprisingly physically demanding since the challenges require you to run around to solve puzzles. A cursory search on Google reveals that there are plenty of injuries that result from these games. Be careful when you go for one with your friends!


That’s all folks! Some stories were part horror (mostly horror), part humorous but they were all educational. fundMyLife would like to thank the folks from the Insurance Discussion Group for their personal accident stories. As always, we here at fundMyLife believe in educating consumers on the possible dangers out there, and what better to alleviate risks in daily life than personal accident plans. If you have any more questions on personal accident, why not ask our curated pool of trusted financial advisers?

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