When Shit Happens: A Collection of Personal Accident Stories

fundMyLife presents personal accident stories

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Personal accident plans are plans that help you and your loved ones when you experience disabilities or death, be it from your occupation or everyday life. While the probability of going through an accident is slim, it is nonetheless a very real possibility. How else to illustrate this possibility, but through stories? To do this, we scoured the internet for interesting personal accident stories. Besides anecdotes from blogs and financial websites such as MoneySmart and Clearly Surely, we also found several real life case by Straits Times Invest Editor Lorna Tan, and paraphrased these stories for brevity. In this article, fundMyLife takes a look at these stories and glean insights from these incidents.

Personal accident stories

#1 Road accident

A 55-year old man was involved in a road accident and sustained injuries to his shoulder, neck and back. He went through X-ray and outpatient treatment at a TCM clinic, which was fully reimbursed by his insurer Sompo.

#2 Child falling

A 5-year old child fell from the third storey of a staircase. He experienced wounds, and a brain trauma caused by fatal injury, succumbing to his wounds 10 days later.  The child was covered under a family plan, so the parents were paid $12,500 and $1,500 for death and medical expenses respectively by insurer Sompo.

#3 Motorcycle accident

A 36-year old man met a motorcycle accident, and fractured his right foot. His insurer Sompo paid out for his expenses, miscellaneous benefits, and a weekly income benefit for missing work for 7 weeks.

#4 Workplace mishap

A 53-year old man died at work, pinned by a heavy object and suffered multiple injuries. The AXA group personal accident policy by his workplace paid out a death benefit to his family members, burial expenses, and family security. In addition, because of no prior claims, his family also had increased benefit payout.

#5 Getting hurt during staycation

A 50-year old woman slipped and fell on a flight of stairs during a staycation in Sentosa. She cut herself and sprained her ankle. Her insurer Tokio Marine fully reimbursed her medical bills for out-patient treatment.


#6 Injuring self while changing light bulb

A 52-year old man lost his balance and fell while changing his kitchen’s lights. During his fall, his neck hit one of the kitchen’s chairs. The injury subsequently paralyzed him. The company’s personal accident plan for workers paid off a lump sum of $100,000 as he was permanently disabled.

#7 Slip and fall from cleaning

A 45-year old man was wiping his windows, when he slipped and fell. His head hit the floor, leading to a head injury which he succumbed to. As the man bought a personal accident policy which was featured with his home insurance, his family received a death benefit payout of $20,000.

#8 Accidental overdose of drugs

A 50-year old man was found unconscious, after consuming a large variety of drugs in high doses. The coroner ruled that the incident a suicide, which prevented the $1.2M insurance claim from AIA as there was a suicide exclusion. The High Court also ruled similarly in 2016. The family then escalated it to the Court of Appeal, and in 2017 the Court of Appeal found that the incident was indeed an accident and not suicide.

There was no evidence to suggest that the man was suicidal, and consumed the drugs with no expectation of injury. As such, this incident was classified as an accident – unforeseen and involuntary event that causes an injury.


In general, the stories do not seem to follow any pattern at all. However, the slip and fall accidents seem to affect those in their later years, i.e. 40s onwards. Besides practising good safety measure while doing household chores, it pays to consider getting a personal accident plan indeed.

You might be wondering what the point of this article is. “Scare tactics”, you might mumble under your breath. However, from these personal accident stories, the usefulness of personal accident plans cannot be denied. We thought by sharing some of these real life cases, you’d be more aware of how fragile we as humans can be. With low annual premiums, it might not be a bad idea to get personal accident insurance. In addition, it is also be a good idea to check your company’s policy to see if you’re adequately protect.

We here at fundMyLife believe in educating consumers on the possible dangers out there, and what better to alleviate risks in daily life than personal accident plans. If you have any more questions on personal accident, why not ask our curated pool of trusted financial advisers?

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