5 Ways to Curb the Urge to Splurge

One lady is looking crazedly at a pair of socks. She has an overwhelming urge to splurge.

The Urge to Splurge is Real

Do you lament purchases on tons of things you don’t need? Do you resolve not to do it again, only to repeat the same the following month? You might have a spending problem. As the first step, acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step. And as any problems go, they are solvable as well.

Make a list

Rather than walking around aimlessly and buying every single thing you see, a physical list forces you to focus on your intended purchases. Furthermore, the list will help you plan your purchases, especially when you have access to the cost of those things. This way, you can budget your money and be entirely conscious about the cost of things that you intend to buy. Discipline is key to reduce the urge to shop compulsively.

Bring your friends and family

Having someone who can you keep in check will be immensely useful. This person could be anyone, but most important it’s someone who doesn’t enable reckless purchases. Tell your friend or family to be strict with you and to stop you from purchases that you don’t need. Two heads are better than one, it’s much better to have someone to intervene if you’re going out of line.

Identify the triggers

Impulsive or reckless spending is usually a symptom of a larger problem. One of the most common reasons for that urge to splurge is boredom, which can be addressed by picking up a hobby. Another reason is stress, which results in the popular term “retail therapy”. Emotional shopping is anything but therapeutic – at best it is a bad habit and at worst it is an addiction. It also leads to accumulation of unneeded purchases, clogging up your house. Alleviate stress via other means like exercising. The upside is that you keep yourself healthy as well.

Remove temptations

On top of avoiding the triggers, it is important to remove physical temptations. For example. having a credit card is useful but it is also an enabler when you are out there shopping. As such, leaving your credit card at home and bringing out only cash forces you to focus on the purchases at hand and nothing else. At home, remove all credit card details from your online shopping sites from your computer. Uninstall all of your favorite shopping apps on your phone. This will ensure that you won’t carelessly browse for products on apps, e.g., Carousell, Lazada, etc when you’re bored and end up purchasing something. Unsubscribe from mailing lists as well – take control and avoid sales emails.

Wait it out

Making the conscious effort to sit on them helps. For large ticket purchases, it is all the more important to get feedback from your friends and family. That way, you can take the time to weigh out the pros and cons of the things that you were thinking of buying. Most of the time, you will realise that the bag you were eyeing wasn’t as pretty as you thought it was. Or perhaps, that vacuum cleaner that you thought was useful wasn’t as suitable for your home after all.

That’s all folks!

Know anyone who spends recklessly and has immense urge to splurge? Reach out to them – you will be doing them a huge favor. It’s too late if they fall into a large debt that they can never recover from. Forwarding and sharing is caring 😉 Let us know what you’d like read about on our Facebook page!

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