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Dear visitors of fundMyLife Blog!

Ever had that burning question on financial planning but you’re worried about getting products being pushed in your face?

Ever wonder whether you could get multiple perspectives from different companies without approaching financial advisers separately one by one and not know how suitable the products are? 

Wonder no more!

At fundMyLife, we understand. Let us do the legwork for you!

Finding the most suitable advisers can be tough, so ask those burning questions on our platform and we will connect you to those who can best answer your questions!

Screenshot of question box so that you can find the right financial adviser.
Just type your question in there, and ask away!

With our curated pool of financial advisers from different companies, getting advice couldn’t get any simpler! Besides asking questions, you can also browse our adviser’s profiles:

Screenshot of a profile page on
Screenshot of one of our on-boarded advisers’ profile

And assess client reviews:

Screenshot of a client's review on profile page
Screenshot of client’s review on the profile page! Neat, huh?

That’s it!

So that you know whoever you’re engaging is credible! We seek to empower users to make sound financial planning decisions with the most suitable financial advisers.

What’re you waiting for? Head on over to our main site and let fundMyLife connect you to our financial advisers and find the perfect fit for your exact needs!

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